Power Transformers

Power transformers are the most important equipment of electrical networks; they shall be highly reliable, and

always in service with long lifetime. Power transformers can exchange the quantity of voltage and current of electrical energy to desired values without any effect on other characteristics such as wave shape or frequency.

With these characteristics power transformers, will enable us to:

Transmit huge amount of electrical energy produced by generators (normally at voltages lower than 20 kV) in electrical power plants, located far from consumers to long distances by increasing the voltage and reducing the current with conductors or cables of optimized cross section and not only reducing the energy losses but also prohibiting of using thousands tones of excess conductors.

Distribute transmitted energy between different consumers by reducing transmitted voltage to suitable and desired values required by them. Power transformers are nowadays manufactured in different types:

  • Oil immersed Transformers (According to IEC 60076-1 to 10)
  • Dry type Transformers (According to IEC 60076-11 to 12)
  • Gas Insulated Transformers (G.I.T)
  • Superconducting transformers (HTS)
  • Special type Transformers (Phase shifting, Arc furnace...)

We are able to supply all of your needs regarding any type of transformers with the best quality, high engineering support, most competitive price, longtime after sales service, well known accessories and material and within the shortest possible time.


oil immersed transformer phase shifting transformer dry type transformer super conducting transformer

Oil Immersed Transformer

Phase Shifting Transformer Dry Type transformer Super Conducting transformer