DAYHIM FARAFAN Co is a wholly private Iranian company, incorporated in 2001.
This company started its real operation in 2002 as an engineering and procurement company with bias toward HV and MV electrical projects.

Target Market

We have expanded our services to utilities, industries and petrochemical and petroleum complexes. Honorably we have an established reputation in supplying major projects and providing right to the point solutions to our customs. We are proud that we have won our customers’ trust and this is our most valuable commodities.



Electric energy demand is increasing day by day and yesterday resources and technologies cannot meet the demand. Besides environmental issues cannot be ignoring anymore. World need clean and sustainable resource of electric energy. Efficiency is getting more and more important. Using renewable energy resources such as solar and wind is changing shape of electrical industry and power quality from customer and owner point of view are inevitably important.
We believe new technologies should be implemented. New equipment of higher efficiency should be used so we are preparing our teams to be well-equipped and trained to embrace new era of electric power networks. They will be in a new shape and we are ready to be at service.



A project is usually initiated by the identification of the production or solution need by the clients. Due to the nature of a project, Dayhim Farafan Co engineers get involved in the first steps of it and keep in touch with the customers and aid them to have the best system by providing prompt high quality cost effective equipment.
The company ability of collaboration with international companies makes it possible to provide the customers state of art solutions. The company reference list shows our established reputation in handling eminent and huge projects.


Quality System 

Our commitment is to keep improving continuously. We have implement system of maintaining quality of our company.


ISO Certificates