Electric Motor, Generator and Drive

The essential role of electro motor is so much part of today life that we rarely give them a

second thought. They are used in all the industries.

We supply big and special electro motor such as:


AC Motor

ac 01 compact asynchronous motor ac 02 flameproof motor ac 03 flameproof motor ac 15 squirrel cage asynchronous motor
Compact Asynchronous Motor Flameproof Motor Flameproof Motor Squirrel Cage Asynchronous Motor
ac 08 wound rotor induction motor ac 11 increased safety motor ac 13 shipping propulsion motor  
Wound Rotor Induction Motor Increased-safety Motor Shipping Propulsion Motor  


DC Motor

dc 04 medium scale dc motor dc 05 large scale dc motor s    
Medium Scale DC Motor Large Scale DC Motor    


Synchronous Motor

sy 05 synchronous motor sy 06 large scale synchronous motor sy 10 mine hoist motor sy 12 mine milling motor
Synchronous Motor Large Scale Synchronous Motor Mine Hoist Motor Mine Milling Motor



ge 14 diesel engine generator ge 15 short circuit generator ge 16 turbo generator ge 17 wind generator
Diesel Engine Generator Short Circuit Generator Turbo Generator Wind Generator


Electrical unit

el 17 frefquency inverter      
Frequency Inverter