SVC (Static Var Compensation)

Electrical loads both generate and absorb reactive power. Since the transmitted load varies considerably from one hour to another, the reactive power balance in a grid varies as well. The result can be unacceptable voltage amplitude variations, a voltage depression, or even a voltage collapse.

A rapidly operating Static Var Compensator (SVC) can continuously provide the reactive power required to control dynamic voltage swings under various system conditions and thereby improve the power system transmission and distribution performance.

Installing an SVC at one or more suitable points in the network will increase transfer capability through enhanced voltage stability, while maintaining a smooth voltage profile under different network conditions. In addition, an SVC can mitigate active power oscillations through voltage amplitude modulation.

Industry, as well as commercial and domestic groups of users, demands power quality Demands for increased steel production and rules for network disturbances have, together with increasing cost of energy, made reactive power compensation a profitable solution in the steel industry. A modern and cost efficient steel melting process demands a stable and steady voltage support for the Electric Arc Furnace. With dynamic reactive power compensation, the random voltage variations characterized by an arc furnace are minimized. The minimized voltage variations are achieved by continuously compensating the reactive power consumption from the arc furnace. The result is an overall improvement of the furnace operation, which leads to better process and production economy.


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